What is dementia?

Dementia describes a group of symptoms that causes a deterioration in memory, thinking, language, changes in mood, emotions, perception, and behavior.

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It takes a pivotal role to detect early signs of dementia; and it is crucial for loved ones to compassionately voice their concerns.

Memory loss is often one of the first signs that those closest to the individual recognize. If you notice unusual changes or memory loss, makes sure to address it lovingly. In case of mild symptoms, the first step would be scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician. Also, consider seeing a geriatric medical specialist for any noticeable or more advanced signs of alarming behavioral changes and memory loss.

Some alarming symptoms:

Inability to recall experiences and actions:

A common discovery in dementia is difficulty in remembering conversations or experiences. For instance, your loved one may repeatedly tell a same story during conversations or ask repeated questions. Furthermore, dementia patients do not remember specific details of events. It is advisable not be overly alarmed if someone does not recall the exact details of a conversation or an event.

Home Care
Home Care

Inability to recall familiar faces and names:

There is no need to feel bothered if an aging loved one cannot remember a person’s name after meeting for the first time; as a matter of fact, people of all ages struggle to remember names. Nevertheless, forgetting the names or failing to recognize the faces of close friends and family relatives is a sign of memory loss and the right time to seek medical help.

Getting lost:

Struggles in remembering familiar locations such as home, church, or favorite restaurants are alarming signs of dementia.  

Financial issues:

Noticing the lookout on overdue bills and irregular spending, are common signs of memory impairment in people who are ordinarily meticulous in their finances. Dementia can cause people to overlook overdue accounts, purchase items they already own.

Senior Care
Senior Care

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