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Joyous moments with family and friends are at the heart of the holidays. There is pressure on people to enjoy themselves during the holidays. Though the concept of celebrations tends to evolve over the years as kids grow up and families spread out around the country. The festive period can be fun for seniors, even dementia patients, though they have physical or cognitive limitations. Things might be different this year; it remains essential to maintain a level of normalcy as we can to prevent senior isolation. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), socially isolated older adults are at higher risk of being depressive. The attention centered on family, friends, and togetherness during this time of year can bring melancholy feelings to the forefront for many elders. It is essential to support and attend to our loved ones during these festivities, but in ways that keep everyone as safe and sound as possible. We have gathered expert advice from the caring staff at Comfort Paradise Home Care agency, acknowledging that your loved ones deserve to experience joyous holidays and feel love and appreciated.

Here are tips to brighten their holidays and make them feel appreciated and loved.

Decorate the house

Create a holiday craft space with blank cards, glitters, and glue, and let your loved ones express their imagination by designing their own Christmas cards to give out over the festive period. You can buy other accessories such as card decorations, stickers, and embellishments at craft shops. You can use twigs, leaves, and bits you would find around the home to create unique cards together.  These Christmas cards could be used as wall decorations or tied up with string to make hanging decorations for the tree or in the house. Being crafty is something everyone can enjoy, whether they are in total health or living with dementia or physical issues.

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Offer your loved ones gifts

Shop gifts online together

The major obstacle hindering seniors’ ability to shop online is their unfamiliarity with technology.  With the elderly being more susceptible to getting this new virus, spending time in crowded places like grocery stores, Christmas shops are inconvenient; it is also dangerous. Assisting in selecting grandkids’ gifts or other family members could be a tremendous therapy of joy.  Whatever the case, “normal” times, or these strange times we are currently living, it is indisputable that older adults are online shopping and using the advantage of the many senior discounts and other benefits that come with online shopping.

Have a chat over tea or coffee

Plan activities around the best time of day so your loved one will feel relaxed and energetic. You can also walk with them or take them to their best sites and have deep conversations. Keep to your loved one’s routine and timing around meals and rest, mainly if dementia is in the picture. Be attentive to signs your loved one is feeling tired or overwhelmed, and offer them a quiet place to rest as needed.

Cook your favorite holiday foods together

“Feeling helpful makes everyone feel great,” says Claudia. There are many sources of recipes, so do not hesitate to jump online and look for inspiration. Suppose your senior mom or dad is comfortable on a computer. In that case, they may be able to check out healthy eating or cooking websites, food blogs, or even decide on which one to cook for themselves. When uncertain, use resources that will help you ensure your senior parent are getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. It might be small ways to help initially, with more extensive interventions or support levels discussed later. Stay involved, and you will help guide these discussions and offer proper support.  When it becomes clear that your senior mom or dad needs help with meal planning and food shopping, or someone to take over the cooking entirely, we offer a full range of services to care for them.

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Home Care

Prompt children to ask about “olden days” so they can learn about their grandparent’s youth If traveling is not an option, gathering on a virtual platform might be the perfect solution this year. Acknowledgment to technology, through which you can host virtual meetings with your loved ones. It might be on Zoom or any other video conferencing tool of your choice; it is conceivable to host a funky night discussing with the kids or a kid’s dance competition. Experience your most precious memories with riddles with the entire family, or you could even watch your loved ones unwrap their gifts by projecting the meeting on your TV

Bake together

Baking or cooking together is considered a great bonding exercise. Seniors with dementia can isolate themselves when they have difficulty communicating or remembering things, but baking can help strengthen relationships in familiar activities. Research has shown that as people get older, they enjoy all benefits from keeping up with social interactions; combining this with having fun creating something together, such as baking, is a foolproof winner. Because baking and decorating cakes allow you to express yourself, it is an excellent activity for seniors. It will enable them to expel their stress, calm their minds, and improve their mood, making baking, be it cakes or biscuits, a fantastic activity.


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