The term “Arthritis” is used to describe inflammation of the joints and is a hallmark sign. There are several types of arthritis; examples are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis just to name a few. Arthritis is a chronic disease that causes significant disabilities.
High-risk population for Arthritis
Arthritis is an umbrella term that describes over 100 types of conditions. It is the leading cause of disability in America and it impacts individuals of all ages, sexes, and races. Over 52 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis (Arthritis, 2016). Arthritis is mostly seen in women and often occurs as people get older.

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Diagnosis and Treatment
Arthritis can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages because the early signs and symptoms mimic those of many other diseases. There is no cure for arthritis. But clinical studies indicate that remission of symptoms is more likely when treatment begins early with medications known as disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDS).
There are several areas to consider when working with a patient who suffers from arthritis. Not only does physical pain need to be addressed, but psychological issues, family issues, and societal issues may also need to be treated. The patient may feel fearful, anxious, or depressed at losing their independence and the ability to care for themselves. They may want information on self-management. The decrease in activity may lead to losing a job and financial stability. Also, changes in family roles and relationships may also be a concern for a loved one with Arthritis. When managing Arthritis symptoms, all aspects of your loved one’s life need very close attention to enhance coping both physically and emotionally.

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Caregiver’s tips to alleviate your loved one’s pains include:
Reinforce a daily exercise routine and physical therapy
-Get your loved one relieved from the Arthritis pain with the use of a topical, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory gel
-Apply a heating pad (be mindful of skin burns)

At Comfort paradise home care, we understand helping a loved one with arthritis can be hard, our highly trained and carefully screened caregivers can provide assistance with errands and transportation that may be difficult with Arthritis pain. We also acknowledge the importance of keeping your aging loved one active at home for better relief of the disease.
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