Summer is fast approaching coupled with the hot weather, which might provoke heat stroke in seniors. Heatstroke in seniors is a great risk, with time their older bodies become less sensitive to the switch in temperature and cannot adjust so well. In this way, they might not be aware they are overheating until they become ill.

What is HeatStroke ?

Sometimes referred to as Sunstroke, it is the most severe heat-related illness, it occurs when the body can no longer manage it. It’s observed as a rapidly increasing body temperature of more than 104 Fahrenheit is accompanied by neurological warning signs like confusion, seizure, or loss of consciousness.

The high-risk  population for Heatstroke

Hot weather can be dangerous, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to its effects. 12,000 Americans die annually from heat-related causes, according to a Climate Central report. More than 80% of victims are older than 60.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Frequent diagnoses include; Rectal temperature, blood, urine, and muscle function tests and X-ray and other imaging tests. Some home remedies include; immersing in cold water, packing them with ice and cooling blankets, give them medicines to stop the shivering.

Home Health Care
Home Health Care

Home remedies for Caregivers

  Take them to a shady or air-conditioned place. In case they do not have air conditioning at home, take them to someplace with air conditioning, such as the mall, movie theater, or public library.

Cool off with damp sheets and a fan. If you notice they are experiencing heat-related symptoms, cool the senior by covering him or her with damp sheets or by spraying him with cool water. Direct air onto the senior with a fan.

Give them a cool shower or bath.  Whenever they are outdoors and not near a shelter, soaking in a cool pond or stream can help bring their temperature down.

  Always keep them hydrated. Make them drink plenty of fluids. Also, because salt is lost through sweating, it can be replenished with some sports drinks. If the doctor has restricted fluid or salt intake, check with him or her to see how much the senior should drink and whether they should replace salt.

home care nursing
home care nursing

Support from Comfort Paradise Home Care

Helping your older loved one through a heatwave safely can be challenging, but help is available. Comfort Paradise’s caregivers are trained to keep seniors safe during periods of high temperatures and know how to spot troublesome symptoms. When you are not available to help your loved one beat the heat, a Comfort Paradise caregiver will go the extra mile to make sure they stay cool.